Payment with credit cards or PayPal

Note: we are using PayPal secure payment system.
You do not need to have the PayPal account for credit card payments.


1. Select fee category and number of dinner tickets in the PayPal form below
2. Enter name and last name of the person you are paying for
3. Click "Pay Now" button

    You will be redirected to the PayPal secure payment site.
    You will see the IASE logo in the top left corner.

4. Select the way of payment: "Log in" to PayPal or "Pay with Debit or Credit card".

    You will be redirected to payment confirmation page. (Note the IASE logo)

5. Enter required details and click "Pay Now"
6. Your payment will be confirmed with automatic e-mail sent by PayPal.

7. This transaction will appear on your credit card statement as PayPal * IASE

Thank you for attending IASE2019

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