ECPR 2014


Introduction to R I2R.pdf

Manual, datasets etc for download:

Additional material:

Meet R through BMI analysis: I2R-BMI-slideS.pdf  and I2R-BMI-slide.R

      Links to data (copy this to the top of .Rmd file):

      bmiData <- read.table("",header=TRUE)   # BMI data
      source("")              # Country data
      source("")            # Some functions
      ls()                                             # list objects


Data structures: V01S.pdf   V01A.pdf    V01.R

Input/output: HowTo-IOS.pdf  HowTo-IOA.pdf  HowTo-IO.R

List of commands: Rcard.pdf

Text manipulation: HowTo-text.pdf, HowTo-text.R

Descriptives: I2R/descriptives.pdf I2R/descriptives.R

Data about Finland parties: dat/FinlandParties.txt  Data Graph
     recreation of the graph: PartiesS.pdf  PartiesA.pdf  I2R-parties.R

Merging data: HowTo-merge.pdf, HowTo-merge.Rnw, HowTo-merge.R

HowTo files (some in Slovenian)


Package: XLConnectI2R/XLConnect.pdf
Package: xlsx

Alternative solutions
link to local xlsReadWrite -
To install: download ZIP file to the local disk and use R menu "Install package(s) from local ZIP files ...".

Package RODBC has functions to read Excel files in native format. See also an explanation about Excel Read/Write options in my R page: file xlsReadWrite.pdf .
You can also use the function read.xls from readXls.R


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