V6 NSS Group

A regional group of National Statistical Societies of Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia

Meetings of presidents of statistical societies from the Central European Region

Agreement on Cooperation of listed regional statistical societies was signed during the first meeting in 2005.

At the meeting in Visegrad in 2011 all six members signed the "Joint statement of the V6 Group"  on the importance of professional independence in official statistics.


25. 10. 2013   Ljubljana
2012   Bratislava
 8. 6. 2011   Visegrad
2010   Vienna
2009   Bucarest
2008   Prag
12. 10. 2007   Ljubljana
29. 09. 2006   Bratislava
23. 09. 2005   Budapest / Visegrad

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